Single Package

LG’s "Roof Top or Single Package" is an ideal choice when we talk about high load applications. As the name Roof Top signifies, this unit is generally installed on the top of the roof. Also the Single Package signifies that both condenser and evaporator are enclosed in a single body(same as window type). The unit is used along with ducts and has flexible air flow as per installation conditions. The air flow can be horizontal or vertically downward which offers wider flexibility in the field applications. This unit has two ranges as per capacity. The small range goes from ۳ to ۵ Tons where as the bigger range goes from ۶ to ۳۰ Tons. This unit is ideal for Single story and Double story houses as they offer high static pressure. With its easy installation and simple control system, this product is suitable for Factories, Shopping malls, Multiplex, Hotels and etc.